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About the Ubuntu US Wisconsin Local Community Team

by Simon Quigley (tsimonq2)

This first blog post on behalf of the Ubuntu US Wisconsin LoCo Team is to explain some items about the team in general. If you have any questions/comments/concerns about any of this, please contact tsimonq2 on IRC or stop by #ubuntu-us-wi on Freenode.

Who leads the LoCo?

Simon Quigley is the main coordinator, contact, and facilitative leader for the team. Until the team grows a bit, he does the planning and execution of meetings and events for the team. He was appointed the position from Anthony Hook, the previous leader, in mid-November 2015.

How many active members do you have?

In Launchpad, we have 21 members. We have about 5-10 members who are very active, and a couple more who occasionally respond to threads on our Mailing List. When a new member joins, they get a one year term, and then they have to renew. This helps eliminate anyone who isn't active any more. A lot of the members were already there since the last bit of activity in 2012, but have stuck around.

What do you use for a mailing list?

Instead of using Ubuntu Mailing Lists, we use the Launchpad mailing list system. This makes it much easier for new members to join the mailing list after joining the LoCo. It is also easy to find if you can find our Launchpad page link.

Are you on the Ubuntu Forums?

We had a forum, but we voted to no longer use it due to the inactivity. Since we have a few Reddit experts in our team, we decided to use Reddit in place of that. Our subreddit is /r/ubuntuwisconsinloco.

What other resources do you have established?

Are these approved by the LoCo Council?

At the time of writing this, we are still waiting for feedback from the LoCo Council to see if our resources can be oficially recognized, in order to be able to become verified.

What other people help with the LoCo?

Alex Dueppen (adueppen) - Head of Graphic Design, Head of Reddit Operations. The LoCo would be a lot different if it weren't for his many hours of dedication to this team.
Anthony Hook (h00k) - Former LoCo Leader. Anthony has been essential for helping the LoCo start up again. Also, he spent a lot of valuable time with this LoCo before it was in the possession of Simon Quigley. This LoCo literally would not exist without his help.
Mike Putnam (mikeputnam) - LUG Coordinator. Mike makes sure that scheduling is http://ubuntu-wisconsin.org/blog/2016/01/20/fine, and that it doesn't conflict with any other Linux events around the state. He also fills in for Simon when Simon isn't available (which is rare). He has provided a lot of valuable help to this team.

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