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Tour of our Wiki Page

by Simon Quigley (tsimonq2)

We have set up a wiki page for existing members to use as a resource for doing LoCo related tasks. This blog post is a walkthrough of the wiki page, and the resources we have in place.

The main page

On the very top of the page are details about our next IRC and monthly meetings. We also have other pages listed that I will describe in a bit. In addition, we have brief information about our Local Community team.

After the top part, we have the Joining, Events, and Meetings headers. Under the Joining header, we have a link to our NewMemberOrientation page, which I will describe in a bit. Under the Events header, we have a link to the LoCo Portal that has our upcoming events. At the time of writing this, we don't have any upcoming events, but once we do, it will go on the wiki page under his header. Under the Meetings header, we have a link to the LoCo Portal that has our upcoming meetings. A blog post will be written describing our meetings in the future, although if you would like to check that out and discover yourself, go ahead.


On this page, we have Meeting Agendas. Every monthly meeting we have, the meeting chair (usually myself) updates this page. It just has the agendas, which will be explained in a future blog post. Also, whenever we have a successful IRC meeting, the IRC logs go here.


This page is our (lowercase c) canonical resource for getting people started with our team. It provides all of the information needed to be considered an official member. It does need a bit of revising to strengthen the language and clarity (if you, the reader, feel inclined to take a look, by all means, go ahead), but this is the most solid resource we have.


This is currently a bare page, with a lot of work needed. It is a huge concept I am working on with Alex. More information to come.


This page is out of date. We plan on keeping our team reports here, but since we haven't really had any major meetings besides the monthly meeting and some IRC meetings that more than just 2 people attend, it isn't large enough yet to make a good team report. This will change in the future.

This concludes the walkthrough of our wiki page. If you have any questions/comments/concerns about this article or the wiki page, please contact tsimonq2 on Freenode or stop by #ubuntu-us-wi.

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